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Our veterinary clinic can handle a broad range of services. Whether your pet needs a simple checkup and routine vaccination or they require dental assistance or emergency surgery, we have the procedures needed to help them feel like their happy and enthusiastic selves again.

We work hard to ensure your cats and dogs are safe, secure, and enjoying services designed to assist their quality of life. Our veterinary services include but are not limited to:

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At River Grove Animal Hospital, we look forward to meeting your adorable pets and forging a trusted bond with them. Our animal clinic is committed to treating your furry friends like family while delivering focused services to keep them happy and healthy for years into the future. Our office is conveniently located on Britannia Road West, in the business plaza where plenty of free parking is provided for our patients.

If your pet needs general or more complex veterinary assistance, our pet hospital in Mississauga delivers efficient services with a respectful touch and compassionate heart we believe all animals deserve. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our friendly veterinarians today!

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