What to Expect

At River Grove Animal Hospital, our ultimate aim is to ensure a healthier and happier life for your pet. Regardless of whether they are new or longstanding clients, we work with the same passion for all, aiming to make your pet feel comfortable at our hospital. Our qualified veterinarians are dedicated to providing quality treatment services with generosity and respect, both for you and your pet. The goal of our veterinary service is to give full attention to your pet’s needs and ensure your satisfaction at every step.

Hospital Visit

When you visit our hospital for an appointment, our staff will greet you warmly. We will take your pet to an examination room according to the appointment schedule. We will review your pet’s medical history before the initial examination.
We work without any partial behavior and offer all our clients equal quality of service, though we provide special attention to emergency or accidental cases. After examining your pet, we will discuss their condition with you. Based on your response, we will provide diagnostic and treatment options along with an estimate of the cost involved.

Visits While Your Pet is Hospitalized

As our respected client, we’ll allow you to visit your pet during certain periods of the day. Contact our assistants to schedule a visit session. It’s good if you could avoid visits until your pet is critically ill to prevent any disturbance or infection breakout.
The professionals at River Grove Animal Hospital always welcome new clients warmly. We are dedicated to helping you solve your pet’s healthcare problems by providing comprehensive veterinary care services under one roof.