Think Twice Before Giving These Food Items To Your Dog

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As a pet lover, you need to know what you can and cannot feed your dog. Dogs love to eat and they are especially attracted when they see anyone eating. It may your habit to share your food with your pet, but you may don’t know it is dangerous for your pet.

Every pet owner loves their pets just like their own kids. As a pet owner, you want to give a healthy and happy life to your dog, but it is not good to feed him more and more. It can make him sick because you don’t know which food items are good and bad for your pet. Your dog is not a human being and doesn’t treat him like that.

Here is a list of a few food items which should not be served to the pets.


It is a fact that pets cannot eat chocolates because it contains a huge amount of cocoa and it is very toxic to the animals. Consumption of chocolate, especially dark chocolate can lead to several diseases, including heart failure, kidney failure, and even death. Vets make strict restrictions on the serving of chocolate in any form.

Onion & garlic

Your food may be incomplete without onion and garlic, but don’t forget it is not good for your pet. Onion and garlic are part of the allium plant family, which can break down red blood cells in dogs. It can lead to life threatening anemia if not treated in time.

Grapes & raisins

You can treat your canine with several ways. Giving them raisins and grapes is not a good idea. It can cause kidney failure in canines. Even a small amount can make your dog sick. Some dog breeds eat these fruits and experience no ill effects but do not mean it is good for all breeds.

Ice cream

You and your kids like ice cream to eat. Just like humans, many dogs like ice cream. Whether you visit your vet time to time, but it is not a good idea to give him a lot of ice cream or sugar. You may have heard about the epidemic obesity and diabetes in dogs. If you give your canine ice cream in a huge amount, you can easily find these diseases in your furry friend.

Yeast dough

Yeast dough should absolutely be kept away from canines. It is a form of uncooked bread which is very harmful for your four-legged friends. It can lead to severe pain and gas in the digestive system. That is why it is advised not to serve it in any amount.

Give your pet a healthy and happy life by avoiding mentioning food items. If you want to know more about what is good or bad for your canine, consult with our experienced and qualified vets at River Grove Animal Hospital in Mississauga.

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