Surgical Services

At River Grove Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of surgical services at our hospital. From routine to advance surgeries, our vets are equipped to take care of your pet’s health care needs. During any surgical procedure, we ensure that the pet is healthy so we perform a physical exam and preanesthetic testing. We also make sure that the pet receives a safe anesthetic. Our vets provides reliable and effective care to the pets during and after the surgery.


Spaying is a process that prevents your female pets from reproducing. This will help your cat and dog to live a healthier and longer life. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure that doesn’t change your pet’s personality.

When you spay your female pet, you protect her from various fatal diseases such as reproductive tract disease, bacterial infection and many other types of cancer. There won’t be any heat cycles or crying. Moreover, it also helps control the overpopulation problem.

At River Grove Animal Hospital, our vets perform the spay surgery and safely remove the ovaries and uterus. We adhere to the strict medical protocols and carefully monitor your pet before, during and after the surgery. You can call our veterinarians in Mississauga to discuss the spay procedure.


Neutering is a process in which our professionals remove the reproductive organ of your male pet. This reduces the chances of prostate and testicular cancer. It improves the life of your pet and keep him healthy and active. It eliminates the undesirable behavior such as roaming, fighting, spraying and humping. Neutering also helps in controlling the population.

Our vets will monitor the health condition of your pet and ensure to provide safe anesthetic. We are here to extend the life of your adorable pets. If you have any doubt, you can consult our vets.

Soft Tissue Surgery

At our animal hospital in Mississauga, we perform various soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissues are associated with bones and the surgery can improve the quality of your pet’s life. The most common soft tissue surgery performed is the removal of masses or lumps. These surgeries can help prevent various issues related to your pet’s ears, eyes and other parts. Our veterinarians are experienced and know how to complete the procedure with ease.

Feel free to call us to discuss how spay/neuter or soft tissue surgery can help your pet.