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At River Grove Animal Hospital, our vets well understand the need of spaying and neutering your dogs and cats. We offer reliable and safe procedures to offer less painful surgeries. Using quality techniques, equipment and anesthesia, we are committed to helping your furry friends live a happy and healthy life.

What is Spay/ Neuter?

Spaying or neutering is a major surgical procedure in dogs or cats. It generates an impotency to produce puppies or kittens. This halts reproduction, and a litter of new generation is prevented. In addition, it offers many health benefits, such as prevention of cancers and sudden behavioral changes.

Statistics reveal that around 60% of domestic animals are unwanted and abandoned. To deal with this ratio, spay/neuter is an effective solution. Opting this surgery can minimize the number of abandoned animals. Since their population will reduce, a better quality health service can be rendered.

Consult our veterinarians in Mississauga to know more about pet spay/neuter.

Benefits of Spaying/Neutering Pets

  • Prevents risk of mammary tumor and uterine infections in females.
  • Reduces chances of testicular cancer and prostate diseases in males.
  • Prevents unintentional mating.
  • Stops the heat cycle in females.
  • Minimizes aggression and sudden behavioral changes.
  • Cost-effective way to avoid unexpected puppies and kittens.

How we do it?

We strongly recommend spaying and neutering pets, before they reach puberty. These procedures are major and should be done, only if your pet is healthy. We advise all pet owners to place their companions on intravenous fluids, well before few days of surgery to minimize the anesthetic risk.

Once your pet has been operated, it’s our responsibility to help him recover positively. To prevent them from chewing away their bandages, we tie a neck-collar pipe that doesn’t let them take their mouth to the operated area. For any emergency need or complication, we will be available to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

  • We specialize in spay/neuter surgeries.
  • Our veterinarians are experienced.
  • Your pet will be well cared of.
  • Each surgery is performed with individualized steam-sterilized surgical pack.
  • Our vet technicians closely monitor your pet’s health.
  • We are equipped with necessary surgical tools along with qualified staff.
Contact us for a consultation or schedule a visit to our hospital to know about the details of grooming service we offer.