Pet Boarding ServicesRiver Grove Animal Hospital treats and loves your pets as they are our own. Our boarding services are designed to ensure that your pet has a comfortable stay while you are away. When you have to leave your dog or cat, you look for someone who could take good care of your pets. Our professionals will nurture your pets and offer you priceless peace of mind.

If there’s anything specific, like any specialized or prescriptive diets or any medication that you give to the pet, just let us know. We will take care of it all. Furthermore, if your animal experiences some kind of illness, our vets will respond to that quickly and efficiently. Whether you need our pet boarding services for a day or overnight, rest assured the pet would be in safe and stimulating environment.

Required Pet Vaccinations to Board


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Distemper Combo vaccine
  • Twice-annual canine cough (Bordetella) vaccine.
  • Annual negative heartworm test
  • Twice-annual negative intestinal parasite screening.


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Feline leukemia test or vaccine
  • Intestinal parasite screen

Why Choose Us?

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Safety and Reliability

We make sure that all the pets have a record of vaccinations and don’t have any kind of contagious disease or infection.

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Access to Veterinary Care

Your pet is always surrounded by professional vets equipped with effective veterinary solutions. We are open every day of the week.

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We provide your dogs and cats with large outdoor exercise areas, ventilated and climate controlled rooms.

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You can schedule your routine medical services and grooming at per your convenience during your pet’s stay.

What Facilities We Offer To Your Pets

Comfort and play are important to every cat and dog. That’s why, we have designed the rooms to enhance their experience. Amenities we offer:

  • Skylights for a healthy, bright environment
  • Skilled staff to watch over and care for your pet
  • Feeding according to your pet’s normal schedule
  • Climate control for comfort in all seasons
  • Epoxy flooring for a sanitary
  • Resting benches for comfort
  • Quality bedding
  • Extra-large exercise area
  • Fresh water available all day
Visit or call our animal hospital in Mississauga to discuss our pet boarding and day care service.