The Most Effective Way to Locate Lost Pets is a Microchip!

Microchip Pet Identification

All pets love creating nuisance such as hiding, running, wandering off, but few of them fell prey to a trouble created by them only. Pets are usually in search of a chance of getting an open door, and they won’t waste even a single second to slip outside without your knowledge. To prevent such a situation that can result in losing your pet, micro-chipping them is a good idea. These chips act as a defense line to locate your pet from any corner of the city.

Wearing a collar with tags do not guarantee finding a lost pet, but a microchip does. Collars and tags may get lost, but microchips stay till a pet’s lifetime.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device which uses a radio frequency to transmit pet information. It’s just about the size of a large grain of rice which is fitted under the loose skin at the back of the neck. Whenever a lost dog or cat is found without any collar or tag, a veterinary technician will search for a microchip on the neck using a hand held scanner. If the pet has one installed, the scanner will transmit its ID number via a radio wave signal. The vet hospital will then call the chip manufacturer to retrieve its owner’s address and contact information.

At River Grove Animal Hospital, we provide every pet with extra identification by offering a microchip service. This identification number is an alternative that helps in finding the lost animals. Your lost loved one can then be reunited with you.

Is the microchipping process painful?

Inserting a microchip is a simple and safe procedure that takes just a few minutes. Your pet may feel a little discomfort as something new enters his neck area. It doesn’t pain a lot. Usually, the ache is short-lived and minimal alike to a routine vaccine.

Millions of pets are separated from their owners every year without any hope of uniting back. This cause a lot of stress and tragic to both the owners and the pet itself. Your companions are innocent and not used to handle the outside world life. It’s your responsibility to protect them at every cost.

Call us today to get your pet microchipped to ensure them with a safer life.