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Lyme Disease: Signs, Treatment & Prevention

Lyme Disease

Lyme diseases is an infectious disease that can even affect the humans, cats and other species, although it commonly infects dogs. This problem stems from the microscopic bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that is a transmitted from the infected tick bites into an animal host.

There are a variety of clinical signs for having Lyme diseases if left untreated can progress to kidney failure or severe cardiac and neurological effects.

Signs For Lyme Diseases

  • Suffering from illness or fever
  • Decreased the appetite
  • Less active or reduced energy
  • Lameness that can be shifting, intermittent or recurring
  • Generalized stiffness, pain and discomfort
  • Swelling in the joints

What To Do Now?

The moment you notice these signs in your pet immediately schedule a consultation with your vet. The veterinarian will diagnose the disease with a blood test and examine the pets to ascertain connected symptoms. Its complete treatment includes the antibiotics for some weeks and other therapies that are aimed to reduce inflammation and pain.

How To Prevent Lyme In Future

Once, your dog Lyme Disease has been treated, it is time to prevent the disease from happening again in future and for this:

  • Use parasite prevention medication
  • Always inspect your dog body and check for the signs of ticks
  • Groom your dog every day
  • Trim the long grass and remove the elements where ticks could be expected
  • Protect your pets using Lyme disease vaccination

If you notice ticks or sign of Lyme disease, reach us at River Grove Animal Hospital in Mississauga. From necessary vaccination to critical surgeries, we offer a well-equipped facility to take care of your pets. Let us help you to make your pet disease-free.

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