Is Your Pet Caught By Cardiac Arrhythmias? Get The Treatment

Is Your Pet Caught By Cardiac Arrhythmias? Get The Treatment

Arrhythmias has two different definitions, one is an abnormal heart rhythm while the other is normal variants like respiratory sinus arrhythmia in a dog. The dangerous arrhythmia can even lead to the risk of cardiac death suddenly. Sinus node disease and atrial standstill are the common types of Arrhythmia while the heart block, ventricular premature complex are some of the risky conditions. Here you will learn about the cardiac arrhythmia, its causes and the way to treat it. Thus, you will become able to prevent your dog from such a diseases.


  • Cardiac causes of arrhythmia are heart muscle disease, congenital heart defects, severe valve leakage, trauma to the heart muscle and changes with your age.
  • Non-cardiac causes of arrhythmia are gastric dilation and volvulus, inflammation of the pancreas, low blood magnesium, liver or GI tract, neurologist disease and anesthetic agents.


It leads to weakness, collapse, fainting, exercise intolerance, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, lungs or around the area. On noticing these changes in your dog, you will consult with a veterinary specialist who checks the heart via an EKG reading. It is a diagnostic test to identify and determine the specific type of arrhythmia.


According to the type of arrhythmia, the treatment get started by including the various drugs. Certain supraventricular arrhythmia is treated using the radiofrequency ablation and others are treated with electro cardioversion while defibrillation indicates for the immediate treatment of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia.

Be it is your dog or cat, the cardiac arrhythmia can happen to anyone. When you notice the above-stated symptoms in your pet, you should instantly concern with the professional vet. Visit the professional veterinarians at River Grove Animal Hospital in Mississauga and get your pets healthy. We offer veterinary services from physical examination to major critical surgeries for your pet well being.

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