Grooming is not just about a haircut or styling. It’s such an investment that comes with lots of benefits to a pet’s health. Pet grooming offers adorable looks, maintenance of fur coat, early detection of skin conditions, and protection from parasites and ticks. It also includes general care tasks such as nail trimming and ear cleaning.

We offer affordable pet grooming services in Mississauga. When a pet is groomed at our facility, it’s assured he/she will receive quality treatment. We better know that you’ll be pleased only when your companion is happy. Therefore, our staff is destined to take special care of your loved one. The grooming professionals at River Grove Animal Hospital are experienced with almost all breeds of home pets. We are pretty trained to identify ill-medical conditions of skin and coat.

The grooming services we offer are:

Medicated Bathing

This bathing service includes treating a pet with a luxurious bath for a soothing experience. Special cleansing baths offered by our veteran assistants aim to remove dirt and odor, leaving behind a soft and silky coat which keeps him feel refreshed and revitalized.

There are many indications for using a medicated bath especially for dogs. It can do wonders for treating serious veterinary concerns such as itchy or irritated skin. Baths offered at our vet hospital contain soothing agents that helps to relieve scratching of skin.

Additional Pet Grooming Services

Apart from medicated baths, our grooming professionals offers:

  • Breed cuts
  • Styling
  • Nail trim
  • Stain removal
  • Flea and tick protection
  • Medicated shampoos and conditioners
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bows
  • Cologne

Our groomers are skilled enough to offer you every type of grooming service whether it’s for maintenance, pet show, medication for skin condition, pampering a pet or for hygiene purposes.

If you think your pet is too anxious or sensitive to the grooming technique such as feared of water or strangers, need not worry. We know very well how to overcome such issues. We do provide sedatives to such pets before starting the grooming process.

Contact us for a consultation or schedule a visit to our hospital to know about the details of grooming service we offer.