Vet Clinic Mississauga

Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

At River Grove Animal Hospital, our vets believe that a pet requires extra care and attention during surgery and other medical procedures. That’s why, we monitor all the patients carefully to ensure their safety. No matter, whether it’s a routine or advanced procedure, our vets will make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken for betterment of your pet’s health. We examine the patient before giving anesthesia and follow the strict medical protocols for complete protection.

Some of our services are as follows:


If fireworks, travelling or thunder make your pets uneasy, they can get benefit from tranquilization or sedation. While sedated, the animal may stay awake or sleep. In order to prevent any risks associated with tranquilization, our vets will evaluate each animal before dispensing the medication.

Patient Monitoring

During the medical procedures that require general anesthesia, we monitor our patients to keep them safe. Our vet will continually evaluate the heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure and functioning of other organs to eliminate any anesthetic risk. If you have any concerns about patient monitoring protocols, consult our vets.

General Anesthesia

There are some medical procedures that require general anesthesia so that your pet doesn’t feel any pain. Pet owners are worried about this procedure, but we can assure that it is a safe process. Our veterinarians in Mississauga check the patient and run blood work to detect any underlying health ailment. Additionally, we also adhere to the specific anesthetic protocol.

Local Anesthesia

If your pet is undergoing a minor surgical procedure, we sometimes use a local anesthetic for pain management. Local anesthetics numb the particular body part for the time procedure is being performed. It is an effective way to calm down a pet during a procedure.

At River Grove Animal Hospital, we understand that your pets are just like your family members and you care for their safety. Our qualified vets know how to implement these procedures in the safest way possible. We take care of our patients’ comfort and deliver effective pain management solutions.

If you have any question regarding patient monitoring and pain management solutions, feel free to contact us.